Jada Theertham Rameswaram

Jada Theertham is situated  13 KM from Rameswaram (on the way to Dhanushkodi). There is a Temple of Lord Shiva in this Place.

Maha shivarathiri (Yearly once) celebration and Maha Makam (Once in 12 Years) festival are the  grand events of this temple.

Jada Theertham Rameswaram

Mythical Story of Jada Theertham

It is said that Lord Rama  and Lakshmana washed their hair (Jada) in this pond, after killing the demon king Ravana and before worshiping Shivalinga in Rameshwaram.

Rameswaram Jada Theertham Location Map:

How to reach Jada Theertham?

From How far is Jada Theertham
Devashthana Parking or Agni Theertham 12 KM
Main Bus Stand 14 KM
Dhanushkodi 8 KM